Market Research and Design for Tourism Startup

Wotsay Pty Ltd

Wotsay is a startup company with a unique approach to matching events, venues and activities to people. Wotsay is seeking market research, particularly focusing on tourism buyer-behaviour, a launch strategy and roll-out marketing. This project would suit a student studying marketing MKT00075, or industry research project MNG93003.

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Social Enterprise; Sustainable Development Goal: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9).


Availability: Approved

Time required: 10 hours per week

Duration: 4 weeks


Requires face to face contact: No



The main aims of this project are to:
Understand how travellers interact with mobile concierge applications.
Understand what event applications are popular and why.
Design a launch strategy - our prototype will be ready by June, at which point we go into a funded VC round, with plans to commercially launch September 2019.
Map out a marketing strategy for the first 24-months, with key targets being Australia, USA and China.


We would hope this project will provide Wotsay with a marketing plan, as well assisting developers to stay focused on principal features within the organisation.

Needs to be addressed

Wotsay is a startup with only one full-time worker (the founder) and four part-time developers. This market research and design project will guide Wotsay's roll-out strategy, as well as add value to our investor pitch in June 2019

Benefits to students

Benefits to the student(s) include:
Participation in a world-first platform in the heart of a highly invested space, concierge intelligence.
Learn collaborative project management platforms like Atlassian, Jira and Trello.
Learn about pitching business propositions to investors.
Work with an experienced entrepreneur who previously raised $650k for a publishing system, pre-GFC.
Connect with highly experienced business advisers and developers who are committed to this project.
Ongoing work with Wotsay pending successful capital raise in June/July 2019.


Southern Cross University

Two switched-on students with big aspirations.


Wotsay can contribute:
All project management tools
Costs associated with student recommendations
Costs associated with attending meetings in Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane