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Support the local screen industry! This project will develop case studies profiling the benefits of the professional development provided to screen practitioners in the Northern Rivers and investigate the broader benefits of this work to other industries in the Northern Rivers region. This opportunity suits students enrolled in COM30001, HLT10595 and COM10628

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Education; Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education (SDG 11).


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Suite 5, 160 River Street
New South Wales

Requires face to face contact: Yes

Related unit codes: COM30001, COM10628, HLT10595



The aims of the 'Success on the Screen' project are to develop case studies that:
1) describe the benefits that Northern Rivers Screenworks provides to screen practitioners across the Northern Rivers region through professional development programs and career development and
2) describe the indirect benefits of the northern rivers screen industry to other industries in the region for example tourism and hospitality.


Case studies describing success stories arising from professional development provided by Northern Rivers Screenworks and the direct and indirect social and economic benefits to the Northern Rivers region.

Needs to be addressed

The 'Success on the Screen' project fills an information gap in terms of telling the success stories. The case studies are very much needed as supporting evidence for Northern Rivers Screenworks business development strategies. The project also fills a resource gap as this is not something we can do without assistance from students.

Benefits to students

Students will benefit from working with the respected peak industry body for the northern rivers screen industry. Students will have access to key individuals & organisations that are instrumental to the success of the industry in the northern rivers.


Southern Cross University

The students time and expertise. Research and interview skills would be ideal. Academic guidance and review of the final document prior to completion of the case studies.


Northern Rivers Screenworks can provide office space, computer, phone and some office support. Northern Rivers Screenworks will provide necessary background information, and the connections to identified successful screen practitioners.