Recycled Waste Plastic Solutions

Plastic Collective

Assist in researching the different types of extruded waste plastic that can be used as 3D printer filament. This opportunity suits students enrolled in SCI00211, HLT10595 and COM30001


Availability: Expired

Time required: 5 hours per week

Duration: 10 weeks

New South Wales

Requires face to face contact: Yes



• To determine the types of waste plastic that can be remoulded into filament using a unique machine - The Shruder.
• To test the mechanical properties of common waste plastic extrusions.
• To ascertain the suitability of waste plastic extrusion in 3D printer machines.


• Mechanical properties of different recovered thermoplastics as extrusion/filament.
• Suitability of common waste plastic extrusion in 3D printers and their moulding temperatures.

Needs to be addressed

• Waste plastic pollution and waste management for small communities.
• Creating an income stream for remote communities using waste plastics.
• Developing alternative recycled plastics for 3D printer industry.

Benefits to students

The would become part of an innovative small business developing new technology for the Pacific region communities, addressing environmental plastic waste, promoting social development and creating economic opportunities


Southern Cross University

Access to the School of Environment, Science and Engineering testing facilities and 3D printers. Material testing is vital to the success of this project and could lead to further project collaborations


• We have developed a small machine, called the Shruder, which is a plastic shredding and extruding machine. The prototype is currently based in Coffs Harbour, however we are planning on delivering these machines to communities in need of plastic waste management.
• In addition, Louise Hardman, founder and manager, specialised in the chemistry/environmental impact of plastics and would be available for consultations.