Develop a Sports Science/Physical Development Program

North Coast Football

North Coast Football is a leading football club based in Coffs Harbour. Off the pitch, the club is developing a model centred around building a platform for long-term success. This is your chance to put your learning into action by creating an implementing a new sports science program at a sub-elite level. The opportunity is suitable for students studying Sport and Exercise Science or students enrolled in HLT10595.

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Health and Ability; Sustainable Development Goal: Good Heath & Well-being (SDG 3).


Availability: Approved

Time required: 6 hours per week

Duration: 36 weeks

Stadium Drive
Coffs Harbour

Requires face to face contact: Yes

Related unit codes: vol, HLT10595



Students will plan and implement programmes specific to biological age, S&C and football needs of each individual, in-line with the physical development philosophy framework. To deliver and monitor on-field physical conditioning and strength and conditioning support services to youth players at North Coast Football Club. This placement is to support university study towards a recognised qualification in the Sports Science field working in partnership with the Southern Cross University.


- Plan and coach warm up sessions that include a speed, agility or plyometric element to youth football players.
- Deliver ‘Strength and Conditioning’ related sessions to a range of different abilities and age
- Provide match day support that includes warm up and cool downs.
- Plan and implement player-specific conditioning programs for players at the end stages of
- Assist in the formulation and delivery of injury prevention programmes.
- Monitor and implement hydration strategies and education for our athletes.
- Provide regular oral and written reports at appropriate meetings associated with the
- Strength and Conditioning support (athlete programme design, athlete attendance and
adherence, test and monitoring reports, programme overview, review and updates).
- Oversee and lead Internship development.

Needs to be addressed

- Compliance with Club policies
- Compliance with the Club’s health and safety procedures
- Compliance with the Club’s safeguarding policies
- To promote the Club’s values
- To work consistently to embed equality & diversity into the Club
- To maintain professional conduct at all times

Benefits to students

- Students will gain experience, knowledge and ability to implement;
- Good practical knowledge of nutrition support appropriate to the needs of high performance athletes in training and competition.
- Ability to modify coaching style when delivering practical sessions to different populations.
- The ability to apply complex data and terminology to simple terms appropriate to different age groups and audiences.
- A comprehensive understanding of the principles of periodisation in an high performance environment.
- Excellent presentation and communication skills that can motivate behavioural change to have a positive impact on performance.
- Operate within the rules of professional confidentiality to liaise with athletes, medical staff, sports


Southern Cross University

Access to University facilities and equipment may be required to conduct fitness assessments. The following are desirable attributes in terms of studnets participating in the project:
- Ability to deliver warm-up, cool-down, flexibility, core strength and stability, speed, agility quickness training to a high professional standard.
- Ability to modify and develop conditioning programmes according to the results of specific needs analysis including athlete assessment, musculo-skeletal, dynamic - profiling and injury history, in conjunction with the technical coaches and other support staff.
- Ability to engage with players and technical coaches to create a culture which enhances attitudes towards Strength and Conditioning practices.
- Ability to analyze the Strength and Conditioning needs of youth football players.
- Working with children and/or vulnerable adults.
- Working with young developing athletes with little to prior knowledge of high performance.
- An undergraduate degree/completing in sport science specialising in physical preparation of high performance athletes.


- Access to over 100 players for further research practice.
- Access to grounds and facilities to conduct research.