Collaborate with Multi-disciplinary Artists on the White Bluff Project

The White Bluff Project

The White Bluff Project is an artist-led collaborative multidisciplinary art, science, and community project exploring 'place'. The project will culminate in an exhibition at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery in 2021. Students will be exposed to and fostered by a group of professional creatives from the Visual Arts, TV and Film, Music and Sound, and Writing and Poetry. This project would suit students studying community engagement COM30001, marine science, media, art and design.


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Coffs Harbour

Requires face to face contact: Yes



• To create an innovative collaborative immersive art exhibition at the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery in January 2021.
• To raise broader community awareness to foster initiatives to maintain and preserve our coastal environment.
• To stimulate participating artists to expand their practice and interpretations through
• Collaborative methodologies, urging them to move beyond preconceptions and create work by risk-taking.


• Successful staging of exhibition at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery in January 2021.
• Over several years, the project will create and facilitate an effective and ongoing dialogue between the individual artists, participating scientists and partnering organisations.
• Ongoing collaborative experimental research between artists and scientists, to further engage and educate the wider Coffs Harbour community.

Needs to be addressed

• Broaden community engagement and ownership of the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery as a community resource.
• Create and develop stronger networks across the Coffs Harbour Community.
• Protect and preserve Coffs Harbour's natural environment.
• Broaden community exposure to emergent technologies such as 3D printing, virtual, augmented and mixed realities employed for artistic purpose.

Benefits to students

• Students will be exposed to and fostered by a group of professional creatives from the Visual Arts, TV and Film, Music and Sound, and Writing and Poetry. The creatives have experience in education and mentorship.
• This is a real world project that is innovative, experimental and open ended.
• Students would expand knowledge and skills through imaginative problem solving, mentored by experienced professionals.


Southern Cross University

Promotion of the project to suitable staff/students, either as an element of course work or as volunteers. Students can be involved for a single stage or have ongoing commitment throughout the project.

While students may possess most of the skills listed below, this is not necessary. A desire to extend expertise in a specific area is welcomed.
• General Skills
• Ability to accept direction.
• Be able to work independently if/when required.
• Be able to function as a team member.
• A desire to initiate solutions to creative problems.
• Specific Skills
• Operate video and still photographic equipment
• Video editing skills.
• Possess a drone and the ability to operate it successfully.
• Experience in web design.
• Experience in social media marketing.


We are partnered by the Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, with access to staff expertise and guidance. The coordinators, artists and scientists, workshop facilitator, the gallery curator are all experienced professionals and have been chosen for their inclusive, team oriented approach to projects, Principal mentor, Film Maker & Producer Mark George brings his interactive technologies (virtual, augmented and mixed realities) knowledge and experience to his role, along with a wealth of experience in multi-media technology. Project Coordinators Sarah Mufford and Ray Rixon have spent many years in educative and supervisory roles in the NSW TAFE system. We have some grant money for stage 1 of our project and have pending applications for Federal grant monies to finance the project through to completion. We are supported by a number of institutional and community organisations including SCU through the National Marine Science Centre and Saltwater/Freshwater Arts Alliance.