Volunteer with the 2020 Festival of Auslan, Lismore.

Sigrid Macdonald

Do you have event management, marketing, education or grant writing skills? Volunteer with the 2019 Festival of Auslan and help with Auslan immersion experiences - building a Deaf friendly community. This opportunity suits students enrolled in COM30001, SOY10114, and HLT10595


Availability: Approved

Time required: 3 hours per week

Duration: Not yet defined

Keen st (The Quad)
New South Wales

Requires face to face contact: No



Attracting nationally recognised Deaf artists and media personalities to our region, building capacity for the community to include Auslan users and share language and culture.

This project aims to deliver:
• Festival of Auslan held in Lismore during 2019
• SPIN participatory dance experience invited to tour in Lismore as part of the festival
• Family fun day with interactive program with opportunities to learn and share Auslan
• Guest appearances by Sally and Possum as well as Dirtgirl and Scrapboy of ABC Kids.

Created, directed and performed by Anna Seymour
in collaboration with Bec Reid, dancers, Deaf Hosts and DJ Callum Padgham.

SPIN is a dance party like no other.

Inspired by club scenes in San Francisco, Mexico, Cuba and Berlin, SPIN is a participatory dance performance event with a DJ and Deaf Hosts. It celebrates the physical and social experience of dance parties, subcultures and the beats that bring us together.

SPIN challenges understandings of how dance and music can be experienced. It offers an immersive experience, combining visual and tactile elements of DJ music, sound vibration design from Russell Goldsmith, visual projections from Rhian Hinkley, dance performance and energetic collective movement.

SPIN is created by Melbourne-based Deaf contemporary dancer Anna Seymour in collaboration with engagement specialist Bec Reid, DJ Callum Padgham, Deaf Hosts Luke King and Robbie Burrows and dancers Amanda Lever, Jon Clarke and Benjamin Hoopmann.

SPIN is a physical and energetic dance performance event. There are no seats. Participants will be divided into groups and assigned with a Deaf Host who will guide participants through a series of super stylin' moves leading into a dance party.

* No experience necessary, just your favourite dance moves!


Whole of local community access to nationally reknowned Deaf cultural artists, approriate to our region- NSW's highest concentration of Auslan users. Increase in exposure and opportunities for vulnerable and isolated familes and individuals who would benefit from Auslan and links to the Deaf community.

Opportunity to showcase the important cultural aspects of the Northern Rivers Deaf community

Needs to be addressed

• Inclusion and cultural awareness
• Recreation
• Education and connection opportunities for vulnerable people.

Skills required:
• Event management
• Marketing
• Education
• Grant writing

Benefits to students

Education students will learn about Deaf children and Auslan needs- timely with the rollout of Auslan Curriculum in Australian schools

Other students may benefit from marketing, communications and events coordination experience


Southern Cross University

Event management, connections to venues such as Quad.


Mentoring and support from a Deaf individual with connections to key community members plus potential Festival headliners (SPIN cast, Sally and Possum). Provision of cultural and linguistic support and coordinate interpreters and Deaf consultants.