Volunteering with Positive Change For Marine Life

Positive Change for Marine Life

Positive Change For Marine Life currently have many exciting opportunities available for Southern Cross students keen to become involved with conserving our oceans and waterways. This opportunity suits volunteers and students enrolled in COM30001, HLT10595 and ENV00224.


Availability: Underway

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Byron Bay
New South Wales

Requires face to face contact: Yes



We are looking to fill a number of volunteer positions to enable us to run our conservation campaigns across the Byron Shire and the Gold Coast.

Our current vacancies include, but are not limited to:
• Byron Bay Campaign Coordinators (x2) – leading and developing our Byron Bay team and projects;

• Activ8 For The Ocean Education Officers - working with schools, universities and local communities to educate and inspire others into taking leading roles in creating positive change for the ocean (Byron Bay).

• Honour The Ocean Beach Survey Officers - to help us coordinate our beach surveys, collect data and report findings back to the Byron Bay Coordinator and media team (Byron Bay and Gold Coast).

• Media Coordinator – to put together our media releases and interviews, assist with our blogs and online content and manage our media relationships (any location).

• Wed Development Officer – to drive our web content and online blogs (any location).

For other positions and for position descriptions go to: www.pcfml.org.au/join-us


Through our core values of understanding, education and respect, we aim to dismantle the old narrative that the oceans exist for us to exploit. We are reliant on volunteers to help us achieve our goals and implement our campaigns, promoting further the need to conserve our beautiful ocean, waterways and the creatures that rely upon and inhabit them.

Needs to be addressed

Providing more than 70% of the oxygen we breathe, absorbing almost 30% of all carbon dioxide in our atmosphere and being home to 97% of water on earth, the ocean is our lifeblood and we believe that it’s our duty to protect it. Overfishing, global warming and pollution are all taking their toll and it’s estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. With your help, we can mitigate these issues and ensure that we do our bit to allow marine ecosystems to thrive in perpetuity.

Benefits to students

By volunteering with Positive Change For Marine Life (PCFML), not only are you helping to create positive change within your local community, you are contributing to long-term solutions on a global scale. We give students hands-on experience and allow them the opportunity to develop, lead and contribute to projects. With over 90% of our team being made up of volunteers, our volunteers drive our outcomes, with students being given the opportunity to experience the inner-workings of an international NGO, whilst contributing directly to successful projects.

The knowledge, skills and networks that students gain through working with us add real-world experience to students resumes, making them much more appealing to potential employers. We have an incredibly high success rate of assisting to place our ongoing volunteers with paid employment in their chosen field directly after volunteering with us.


Southern Cross University

We are looking to find dedicated individuals who can commit a set amount of hours per week / fortnight to help us coordinate and communicate our campaigns across the Byron Shire and Gold Coast regions.


We provide all of the equipment, support and training necessary to enable our volunteers undertake their role(s) with us.