Online/Offline Cross Platform Italian History Game

Lismore Friendship Festival Inc.

This game has users looking for clues across multiple platforms to find answers to a series of questions on the positive contribution Italians have made to the Northern Rivers region. Both versions take you outside to explore beautiful LisAmore.


Availability: Approved

Time required: 9 hours per week

Duration: 3 weeks

9 Sapphire Street
Lismore Heights

Requires face to face contact: Yes



1. To encourage users of social media to visit the FF website multiple times including Italian residents based in Conegliano by looking for clues across our FaceBook, Instagram and website.
2. To engage with a younger audience 40 years > 20 by pushing it on Instagram. In the future if this works we can look at SnapChat.
3. To educate the public on the rich Italian history of the Northern Rivers region
4. To entice people to take a weekend drive and discover their own backyard
5. To build our database by having 100 people download and enter the final set of questions into the competition via the website and 100 entries hand delivered.
6. To engage visitors outside the region to have a closer look at our Italian assets particularly New Italy and The Italo – Australian Sports and Recreation Club


• 100 people play both versions (hopefully more)
• Engagement with Italo Club and New Italy – people visit asking questions that relate to the game
• Champions / interested people found in Conegliano
• Visits to website, FB and instagram page builds over May/June month
• Build collection of images for future use by LFF promotion online/print collateral

Needs to be addressed

This project is the creation of a game that excites people to want to go outside and find clues to answer questions generated across a number of online platforms. There is also an offline game for families who wish to avoid social media.
This game is an important way we can stimulate interest in our shared history of immigration by Italians into the region over the last 138 years.

Benefits to students

Students would benefit who enjoy thinking outside the square when it comes to history, gaming and real treasures. Students interested in social media and the environment and our rich cultural history will work with the festival manager to build this game from a mere idea.


Southern Cross University

Access to students


We have a committed Festival Manager keen on making this happen who has experience in the screen industries and event management. A small budget to create all the print collateral necessary to pull it off. A fully functioning website and FB and instagram accounts. An amazing Publicity Manager (our President) who has years of experience in festival management and tourism.