Dungarimba Wandarahn (place of learning)

Lismore Quadrangle

Dungarimba Wandarahn is a multi-artform installation in the Quadrangle to be presented in May, led by internationally renowned artist Craig Walsh. This project would suit students enrolled in Community Engagement Project COM30001.


Availability: Approved

Time required: 12 hours per week

Duration: Not yet defined

11 Rural Street

Requires face to face contact: Yes



- Provide opportuities for SASS AV production students to have experience in sound production and installation mentored by acclaimed artist Craig Walsh
- Provide an opportunity for the Creative Team of Dungarimba Wandarahn to be ‘in residence’ in the SASS studio to provide hands-on opportuities for AV students
- Deliver a free and accessible multi-artform work in the Quad that celebrates Bundjalung story and culture whilst exploring the history of the precinct


- Allow students the opportunity to experience working on a large scale professional production
- Provide an opportunity for professional artists to work on-campus with students from Southern Cross University
- Further develop parterships between the Quad and Southern Cross University schools, academics and students

Needs to be addressed

- Professional mentoring and hands- on experience for students
- Making indigenous culture, story and history accessible on a large scale

Benefits to students

- Students to be involved in contributing to a professional multi-media production from pre to post production
- Experience in sound and production design in a studio and on site
- Experience in technical and sound production installation and de-installation on site


Southern Cross University

- Access to the SASS studio as arranged with Alan Hughes and Barry Hill
- Supply of 7 x speakers as arranged with Alan Hughes and Barry Hill for the production


- Overall support to students across the project in terms of overseeing production schedule and outcomes
- Funding the production