Nerang Reading Project - 2019

Nerang State High School

The Nerang Reading Project incorporates a community partnership model to address literacy outcomes within the Nerang State High School. Volunteers with a vested interest in education enter the schools to assist as classroom support. This opportunity suits students enrolled in education, HLT10595, HLT10599.


Availability: Underway

Time required: 4 hours per week

Duration: 8 weeks

Weedons Road

Requires face to face contact: Yes



We utilise the time given by our volunteers to place them into classrooms to work one on one with students, with small groups to assist and support our teachers with differentiation, and within our SuccessMaker program. This additional intervention assists in creating greater educational outcomes for our students. We also realise the impact that having additional support in the classroom can make on student's self esteem. It is a wonderful achievement to see each individual student's successes.


Our project has already seen some amazing results with our students reading ability and comprehension level. We are always looking for ways to assist our students with improving their educational outcomes, and one-on-one support delivered by our volunteers in the classroom is extremely valuable.

Needs to be addressed

The Nerang Reading Project addresses the literacy needs of students with targeted and accelerated learning, assisted by our volunteers within the classroom.

Benefits to students

SCU students, particularly those engaged with the Education faculty, will have the opportunity to enter the classroom sooner, have training in a phonemic awareness program, make professional network links, and ease into the practicum experience. You will also have the opportunity to assist young people engage with their learning, and create better educational outcomes.


Southern Cross University

We are looking for volunteers to assist with the delivery of the project. All volunteers are offered training to assist in the delivery of a phonemic awareness program. Volunteers are asked to commit to a session or full school day, which can be met every week. We work with our volunteers to find a session that suits them.


The Nerang Reading Project has a Project Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator to allow a smooth transition into the program for all volunteers. We offer support and guidance, and great coffee! Our team of dedicated staff also allow for a great experience for volunteers in their classrooms. It is enjoyable and rewarding.