Yoga2Cure Organising Committee

Children's Cancer Institute

Get behind this incredibly worthwhile cause! As part of Yoga2Cure, students are to form a committee to host ongoing yoga classes to raise awareness about children's childhood cancer and simultaneously raise money for the cause. You will be responsible for organising, managing and coordinating the project. This opportunity would suit students enrolled in the following units; COM30001, COM00471, SOY10114 or students looking to volunteer.

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Civic Engagement; Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health & Well-being (SDG 3).


Availability: Approved

Time required: 3 hours per week

Duration: Not yet defined

Cnr Botany & High St, UNSW Kensington Campus

Requires face to face contact: Yes



The main aims of the project include:
- To create awareness about children's childhood cancer
- To fundraise for the cause in a way that is enjoyable, flexible and creative
- To educate participants on the importance of ongoing medical research to be able to find solutions for childhood cancer
- To teach students new, transferable skills that can be used in future career opportunities
- To develop a mutually benefiting relationship between Children's Cancer Institute and Southern Cross University


- Enhanced awareness about the mission of Children's Cancer Institute, facts about the sad reality of childhood cancer (i.e. incidence rates, mortality rates etc)
- Monetary contributions from all participants involved, to further fund medical research and help us achieve our goal of curing childhood cancer
- A strong relationship between students/faculty staff/alumni and Children's Cancer Institute representatives which is built upon effective communication, support and ongoing guidance

Needs to be addressed

The project addresses children's childhood cancer, which continues to kill more children than any other disease in Australia. Each year, over 950 children and adolescents in Australia are diagnosed with cancer. Every week, nearly 3 children and adolescents die from cancer in Australia. This is a project that will continuously help Children's Cancer Institute achieve their long-term objective of putting an end to childhood cancer. Due to Children's Cancer Institute being a not-for-profit organisation, we heavily rely on monetary contributions to fund our work and achieve our goals.

The support of our community is essential to fund ground-breaking research that will find a cure for this cruel disease. Considering the current pandemic and with many events now being cancelled or postponed, Children’s Cancer Institute is experiencing a devastating loss in the funds needed to find a cure.

Benefits to students

• Leadership: through the management and coordination of running the classes
• Event Management: by strategically arranging time slots and locations for the classes, and providing required equipment
• Communication: by effectively speaking with a range of contacts, including Children's Cancer Institute representative, faculty members, current students, alumni, and others
• Social Media: through the design and implementation of an online platform to further advocate Yoga2Cure and inform participants of class details
• Networking: by building new and strategic relationships with a wide variety of people, both internally (within the university) and externally

Project members will need to possess organisational skills, dedication and commitment in order for the initiative to succeed. They must be willing and eager to host yoga classes to anyone interested. Yoga manuals will be provided to students, but they are more than welcome to create their own to make the sessions more comfortable to host. No prior yoga experience is necessary for students hosting the sessions, as well as participants partaking in the sessions.


Southern Cross University

- Reliable, trustworthy point of contact to effectively communicate and exchange ideas with to make the most of the initiative
- A suitable space within the host university for these yoga classes to be held (potential extension to current project)
- Promote the initiative to students in degrees such as communications, events, PR, marketing, management


- Additional information about fundraising, and some helpful tips & advice
- User-friendly manuals for students with some yoga exercises and ideas (students are also welcome to make their own)
- Organising a suitable location and time slot for yoga classes
- Arranging a ticket sale for your event
- Creating a social media platform to inform participants about the sessions and further promote Yoga2Cure