Wetland Establishment in a Macadamia Farm

Whian Whian Landcare

Opportunity for a student to assist monitor and record the establishment of an artificial wetland on a macadamia property in Northern NSW.
This opportunity suits students enrolled in SCI00211


Availability: Expired

Time required: 10 hours per week

Duration: Not yet defined

Whian Whian
New South Wales

Requires face to face contact: Yes



The student would provide some background in the establishment of the a wetland, do some monitoring and record the progress of the project.


A report that provides initial background of the site, research into wetland establishment techniques and a record of the process of establishment.There is also opportunity for wildlife monitoring using motion activated cameras and frog song meters.

Needs to be addressed

A record of progress would act as a blue print for future projects.

Skills required:
Good research skills, report writing skills

Benefits to students

The students would become familiar with the project management, soil erosion and hydrological function.


Southern Cross University

Student will need to access site on a regular basis so help with transport may be required. Monitoring may be required, so funding around water sampling and analysis may be useful.


The management body (Whian Whian Landcare) can provide some logistical support and research support.