Celebrating 125 years of Wollongbar Primary Industry Institute

NSW Department of Industry

Wollongbar Institute is celebrating 125 years in August 2019. Historic items held at the Institute are proposed to be displayed within the library building and surrounding grounds as well as other items that tell the rich story of Wollongbar Institute. This project would suit students enrolled in COM30001.


Availability: Approved

Time required: 3 hours per week

Duration: 12 weeks


Requires face to face contact: Yes



As part of this, it is proposed to feature a historic display at the Open Day on 24 August showcasing the story of Wollongbar and the research, the staff and the contribution of the institute to agriculture, the community and the region.
• Create increased community recognition and understanding of the the work and role of the institute
• to improve community understanding of the value and history of the institute as part of the region
• to increase awareness of the current work of the institute
• to celebrate the people and partnerships that have been an important part of the institute.


A creative and information historic display that is a part of a successful Open Day at the Institute on 24 August 2019. A secondary component is a legacy from the 125 year anniversary that can carry on to future years as a record of the Wollongbar story.

Needs to be addressed

The institute has a proud research history with important linkages to the region and community. It is the second oldest agriculture institute in NSW. A small working group consisting of staff has commenced to create ideas and work towards scoping a historic display for the anniversary. There are also other history groups with an interest in the anniversary. SCU students and staff would be welcome to provide strategic and specialist input and assistance with drawing the resources together to shape a display that the site and stakeholders can be proud of and that the community attending the Open Day will find really interesting and of value.

Benefits to students

Students from SCU have come through Wollongbar institute as part of work experience as well as later in their careers. Students could help tell this story as well as be part of hands on contribution and coordination of display material and offer suggestions on how it could be laid out and displayed to greatest benefit. Students get a chance to find out about the institute and work with staff that are based at Wollongbar.


Southern Cross University

Initially, we would appreciate advice on what SCU could offer the project and what parts of the project SCU could contribute towards. It is possible that SCU students would be invited to be part of the Open Day to spend some time with the display and interact with the community visitors.


Wollongbar Library building hosts a range of historic items and artefacts as well has open office space for visiting students. The institute has typical office facilities such as amenities, shared lunch room, internet, desk and chairs. Other resources may be available upon request and negotiation.