Special Needs Library Program 2019

Special Needs Library- Gold Coast

Review current library resources, participate in and contribute to the development of groups and services offered by SNL. Develop and deliver a 1 hour presentation to community members on the topic of "Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorder." This opportunity suits students enrolled in HLT10595 and COM30001


Availability: Underway

Time required: 3 hours per week

Duration: 10 weeks

Gold Coast

Requires face to face contact: Yes



Develop and deliver an evidence-based presentation for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder to share resources and strategies to facilitate the development of social skills for children and young adults who have ASD.


• Students will be familiar with and make a positive contribution to the programs and services offered by Special Needs Library.
• End users of the service will receive evidence-based strategies related to social skills development and ASD to address identified need.
• OT students will gain experience in resource management, development and delivery of educational content to families of children with special needs.

Needs to be addressed

Supports the mission of the Special Needs Library to deliver resources, education and equipment to assist with the development and rehabilitation of children with special needs.

Skills required of project members:

• Review and application of current evidence in relevant academic literature.
• Public presentation skills.
• Timely, respectful, collaborative, pro-active professional communication skills.

Benefits to students

OT students will gain valuable experience in resource management, development and delivery of educational content and specialized equipment and resources to families of children with special needs.


Southern Cross University

2-3 Occupational Therapy students
Support from academic lecturer via HLT10595 Education, Leisure and Play unit


Supervision of students on-site, access to SNL resources