Internship with Screenwave International Film Festival

Screenwave International Film Festival

Looking for experience in the film industry? The Screenwave International Film Festival ( is building a new national network of connected screening venues in communities across Regional Australia and is looking for an enthusiastic intern. Would suit Professional Placement students COM00471.


Availability: Approved

Time required: 13 hours per week

Duration: 10 weeks

M1.24, M Block, Southern Cross University
Coffs Harbour

Requires face to face contact: No



• Working with the SWIFF team, you will receive experience working on the Screenwave International Film Festival and its film distribution arm, Film Outreach Australia (

• The outcomes of your work will mean that many Regional Australians that don't currently have access to quality cinema programs will be able to come together to watch world cinema and Australian films.

• Your work will also make it easier for established Australian filmmakers to reach new communities, strengthening the Australian film industry.


1. To build a database of screening venues, contacts, and programs
2. To work with our team to identify opportunities
3. To increase access to the Arts (particularly screen culture) in regional communities

Needs to be addressed

This is a pioneering project. No previous network exists. The SWIFF team have been building this project for the last two years, and are committed to creating this new network to help communities, some whom don't have a cinema, to get access to film festivals, regular cinema programs, and one-off screenings.

Benefits to students

SWIFF is one of the largest film festivals operating in Regional Australia, based in Coffs Harbour.

You will receive insight on the work involved with producing commercial-scale film festivals. Any candidate that completes the placement will receive a written testimonial for their CV.


Southern Cross University

Promotion of the project to relevant students


We can dedicate our time to training the successful candidate, providing an often difficult foot in the door to a business in the regional arts.