Aquaponics Research and Development

Flo Gardens

Looking for Southern Cross staff or student researchers to assist in the development of an automated, flat packed system for growing vegetables and seafood in domestic homes or commercial properties.


Availability: Approved

Time required: 6 hours per week

Duration: 48 weeks

1/10 Bonanza Dr

Requires face to face contact: No



Continued research and development to gather data on plant growth and monitor system efficiencies and constraints.


Plant growth data and other observations

Needs to be addressed

People don't have time to grow their own food due to the labour and time intensity of traditional growing methods our self-cleaning system solves this problem. There is a growing desire among consumers to eat more fresh produce. People are concerned about where their food comes from. They want to source locally grown food, or ideally grow their own food. Traditional growing methods are time consuming, labour intensive and can easily be affected by external influences such as pests, heavy rain and drought. Vegetables purchased from supermarkets are usually heavily packaged, non organic and imported or transported from great distances.

Benefits to students

Being part of an innovative team developing a product which will address some of the issues associated with global food production. Hands on experience in research and development of a domestic aquaponics system.


Southern Cross University

Data collection and analysis


Mentoring, R&D space in HQ in Billinudgel