Take 3 for Byron & Make a Difference

Surfer Rosa Communications

Make a difference and help protect Byron's oceans! take3forbyron is a responsible travel campaign to keep Byron's beaches, waterways and natural places plastic-free. #take3forbyron is funded by Byron Shire Council, and managed by Surfer Rosa Communications under licence with Take 3 for The Sea. Suitable for volunteering and/ or students enrolled in the following units: Community Engagement Project (COM30001), Integrated Project (SCI00211) and Marketing and Promotion (MKT00075).

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Civic Engagement; Sustainable Development Goal: Sustainable Cities & Communities (SDG 11).


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: 26 weeks

1 Main St

Requires face to face contact: Yes



-Support BSC Illegal Dumping and Litter Education and Enforcement Plan (IDLEEP) to achieve a 40% reduction in litter by 2020.
-Reduce the amount of litter in the Byron Shire, with focus on beaches, waterways, Cape Byron Marine Park and the foreshore
-Increase the awareness of, and participation in, conservation and reducing plastic pollution among Byron Shire’s 2.24 million annual visitors.
-Promote and support conservation movement Take 3 for the Sea.


8.3% reduction in litter (measured by local litter checks)
Local and international travel and tourism partnerships developed
High profile ambassadors engaged and actively promoting Take3 for Byron
Increased awareness of litter reduction in target audience

Needs to be addressed

Addresses some of the impacts of high volumes of tourism visitation by engaging and educating visitors about conservation through travel, creating a genuine point of alignment with the aspirations of the communities they are visiting.

Benefits to students

Students including those studying Environmental Science, Digital Communications, Business and Tourism would benefit from a project that connects them with the regional business community and provides opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge and skills in their chosen discipline. The project includes a social media campaign, digital communications, events, collaboration with local conservation groups and the tourism business community and environmental monitoring. It also offers a powerful but practical way to participate in an initiative to reduce plastic pollution that impacts on global marine life.


Southern Cross University

Promotional, digital and or financial investment in creating awareness, interest, engagement via social media, digital marketing, publicity and resources to stage and promote events that engage visitors to Byron Shire.


Byron Shire Council have committed $26,000 toward a social media, publicity and visitor engagement campaign. They have purchased a 12 month licence to use the promotional assets including logos, imagery, trademarks, slogans owned by Take 3 for The Sea.