Volunteer Digital Content Creator

Hockey Australia

Opportunity to influence direction & strategy for a national sporting body. Capture & edit long-form pillar content of world-class officials at National Championships to assist in re-framing the sport, education and officiating. Would suit students looking for volunteering opportunities or students enrolled in COM30001, HLT10595 and HMS00223


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: 1 weeks

66 Jolimont St

Requires face to face contact: Yes



To capture long-form pillar content of a world class Umpire Manager and a host of umpires from aspiring national level officials to international officials at the Under 21 Championships to be held at the Lismore Hockey Complex. This content will then be broken down into many short pieces to start the process of telling many stories from a national sporting body (officials, coaches, players, journey to elite, sacrifice, education on interpretations, etc). The Tournament is being played at Lismore Hockey Complex.
Umpire Manager - Minka Woolley was the Men's World Cup Umpire Manager in 2018 - top 5 in the world, first female to UM a Men's World Cup.

Hockey Australia is looking for a student with the following skills:
• Filming
• Editing content
• Communication skills / relationship building
• Respect & confidentiality
• Self-motivated.


• Film long-form content and basic editing for initial short-form stories.
• Report on learnings/findings of the experience for consideration for this journey.

Needs to be addressed

The commencement of a re-shaping the communication strategy for Hockey Australia, in particular the officials as we move to implement a system of nationwide education as well as pathway management for those identified.
Hockey has not had a communication or education strategy for officials, or broader community.

Benefits to students

• Opportunity to work on a live project, having real impact.
• Licence to try things and be creative
• Opportunity to influence direction & strategy for a national sporting body


Southern Cross University

Access/support of appropriate students/alumni
Potentially equipment (HA does not have available (yet) camera's/computers)


• Negotiable. It could be purchasing of equipment if required.
• Daily rate/per diem available
• Guidance & project plan
• Access to marketing/communications team