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A phone call each day to check they're OK

Volunteer to support older and disabled members of the community to remain safe, connected and independent while living at home by reliably making calls at agreed times and days. By assisting with the delivery of Telephone Support programs, volunteers support clients with a social chat or daily welfare phone call to ensure they are safe and connected while living independently at home.

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Social Welfare; Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health & Well-being (SDG 3).


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Australia wide

Requires face to face contact: No



The main aims of the project are to help support the elderly and people with a disability to remain at home by providing a daily phone call ensuring they are safe and well. The participant may be at risk of social isolation and will look forward to speaking to someone from the community.


Having good social connections are essential for all aspects of health, especially as we age. Red Cross supports older people who live alone or who have few social connections, people with disability and people recovering from mental illness to help improve their wellbeing. As a Telecross volunteer, you’ll provide peace of mind and be a friendly voice to people who are elderly or have disability.
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Needs to be addressed

Telecross is for people who live alone and are at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed. In particular, people who:
- Are frail and aged
- Have a disability
- Are housebound
- Are recovering from an illness or accident

This service provides peace of mind to those who are at risk of an accident or illness that may go unnoticed, such as falling and being unable to call for help. Volunteers will check to see all is well and provide a friendly voice to talk to.

Benefits to students

Volunteering expands your skills and experience, increases your employability and is a way to stay active and engaged with the community. It's also a way for you to give back to the community and help people who need a hand.

Skills required:

- A National Criminal History Check is mandatory and client confidentiality must be maintained at all times.
- Comfortable speaking on the phone with a broad range of culturally diverse clients
- Show empathy for the mature aged, disadvantaged and socially isolated clients
- At ease working independently
- Good communication and listening skills


Southern Cross University

Willing volunteers


Red Cross will ensure you have training, ongoing support and access to other opportunities within the World’s largest humanitarian network.