Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids

Northern Rivers Community Gateway

Opportunities opening at the Northern Rivers Community Gateway’s Out-of-School-Hours-Care locations to join in our Rainbow Region Kids project: Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids. Students with a passion to work with children are encouraged to apply. We welcome International students and would love them to share their traditions and cultural with the children.


Availability: Approved

Time required: 4 hours per week

Duration: 10 weeks

76 Carrington Street

Requires face to face contact: Yes



The Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids aims to offer new and stimulating child-safe projects to children (5-12) who attend RRK through engagement with SCU students in after school settings. The activities aim to align with the Australian My Time, Our Place learning framework. Examples of activities:
• Environmental Science: introducing children to the scientific concepts of ecology, sustainability and appreciation for the natural world
• Information & Technology: Robotics & Coding encouraging coding principles and skills
• Arts: Imaginative Art experiences in creative speech and drama that helping children through improvised drama, music, mime and movement
• Indigenous Knowledge: Helping communicate cultural understanding and continue knowledge survival through story, song, dance, art, country, kinship, and language
• Education/English: Eco Poetry & Transformation Script Writing widening children’s vocabulary and building self-esteem.
• Education/Personal Development: MasterKids Chef encouraging cooking as an art form and therapeutic sharing of a meal.
• Arts & Design/Digital media & communication: encouraging self-expression through strategic, logical and task-driven formatting of Cartooning & Panel Graffiti to generate humor and echo social justice issues.
• Contemporary Music: Voice & instrument creating feelings of empowerment through the language of music and gratification of unique voice style.
• Education/general knowledge: Homework Assistance & Discovery Master Mind games supporting and encouraging discovery of thinking type and the Genius within.
• Sports & Exercise Science: Soccer, Cricket & Tennis Clinics, promoting interaction and working towards personal and collective goals.


Expected outcomes are:
• Increased group engagement through predictable and scheduled opportunities for learning
• Connection with each other and SCU students through meaningful discovery and participation in projects
• Strengthening of relationships, respect diversity, appreciate cultural identity and develop a sense of belonging
• Development of autonomy, interdependence, resilience and a sense of agency through independent choice and resourcing their own learning
• Enhancement of children's social, emotional and physical wellbeing through collaboration with others and expression of their ideas
• Increase of skills in problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating.

Needs to be addressed

Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids addresses the need to provide children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in life. This will involve offering projects that aim to build:
• A strong sense of identity and community belonging through relating with others and their environment
• Connections and appreciation of local culture through community involvement
• Skill capacity and confidence through commitment and involvement in problem solving
• A stronger sense of well-being through healthy choices
• Capacity to connect with children’s interests and contribute to their world
• Communication skills with peers and mentors

Benefits to students

SCU students would benefit by:
• Gaining experience working with children aged 5-12 in a supervised environment
• Access to expertise in planning and delivery of programmed activities
• Learning new skill sets in group work
• Fun and exciting opportunities to work with a great grassroots local organisation
• Induction into the NRCG workplace
• Community engagement
• Becoming a registered volunteer through NSW Volunteering
• Opening up possibilities that lead to future student and volunteer placements with NRCG
• Provision of Certificate of Recognition of Engagement for CV
• Skills Sets Evaluation report through mentorship
• Possible casual employment at RRK Vacation Club sites during NSW public school holidays

Skills needed are:
• Knowledge & basic skill sets around chosen program delivery ideas (i.e., technology for coding; basics skills for art projects; sports skills for clinics, etc.)
• Interpersonal skills appropriate for children aged 5-12
• Effective communication skills – mobile & email access
• Own transport to school sites
• Commitment to project throughout the NSW public school term/s
• Reliability in preparation and attendance
• Ability to accept supervision and work within a team
• International Cultural Sharing: We welcome International students from SCU and would love them to share their traditions and cultural with the children.


Southern Cross University

Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids needs students who have a passion for working with school-aged children and wish to become more involved in a voluntary capacity in a grassroots organisation. They must be mobile and available to come and share their enthusiasm, gifts and talents.


NRCG will be able to contribute:
• Resources, such as, tables, chairs, some sports equipment, kitchen facilities, art & craft materials; some facilities have stage areas for drama & dance, writing materials, (no musical instruments, digital media equipment or Lego robotics will be available and will need to be sourced elsewhere).
• Police checks and working with children checks
• Guided mentoring & supervision