Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids

Northern Rivers Community Gateway

Are you passionate about working with children? Opportunities are open at the Northern Rivers Community Gateway’s Out-of-School-Hours-Care locations to join in our Rainbow Region Kids project: Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids. Students with a passion to work with children are encouraged to apply. We welcome International students and would love them to share their traditions and cultural with the children. This project would suit student volunteers, students studying HLT10595, SOY10105 or COM30001.

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Education; Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education (SDG 4).


Availability: Approved

Time required: 4 hours per week

Duration: 10 weeks

76 Carrington Street

Requires face to face contact: Yes



The Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids aims to offer new and stimulating child-safe projects to children (5-12) who attend RRK through engagement with SCU students in after school settings. The activities aim to align with the Australian My Time, Our Place learning framework. Examples of activities:
• Environmental Science: introducing children to the scientific concepts of ecology, sustainability and appreciation for the natural world
• Information & Technology: Robotics & Coding encouraging coding principles and skills
• Arts: Imaginative Art experiences in creative speech and drama that helping children through improvised drama, music, mime and movement
• Indigenous Knowledge: Helping communicate cultural understanding and continue knowledge survival through story, song, dance, art, country, kinship, and language
• Education/English: Eco Poetry & Transformation Script Writing widening children’s vocabulary and building self-esteem.
• Education/Personal Development: MasterKids Chef encouraging cooking as an art form and therapeutic sharing of a meal.
• Arts & Design/Digital media & communication: encouraging self-expression through strategic, logical and task-driven formatting of Cartooning & Panel Graffiti to generate humor and echo social justice issues.
• Contemporary Music: Voice & instrument creating feelings of empowerment through the language of music and gratification of unique voice style.
• Education/general knowledge: Homework Assistance & Discovery Master Mind games supporting and encouraging discovery of thinking type and the Genius within.
• Sports & Exercise Science: Soccer, Cricket & Tennis Clinics, promoting interaction and working towards personal and collective goals.


Expected outcomes are:
• Increased group engagement through predictable and scheduled opportunities for learning
• Connection with each other and SCU students through meaningful discovery and participation in projects
• Strengthening of relationships, respect diversity, appreciate cultural identity and develop a sense of belonging
• Development of autonomy, interdependence, resilience and a sense of agency through independent choice and resourcing their own learning
• Enhancement of children's social, emotional and physical wellbeing through collaboration with others and expression of their ideas
• Increase of skills in problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating.

Needs to be addressed

Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids addresses the need to provide children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in life. This will involve offering projects that aim to build:
• A strong sense of identity and community belonging through relating with others and their environment
• Connections and appreciation of local culture through community involvement
• Skill capacity and confidence through commitment and involvement in problem solving
• A stronger sense of well-being through healthy choices
• Capacity to connect with children’s interests and contribute to their world
• Communication skills with peers and mentors

Benefits to students

SCU students would benefit by:
• Gaining experience working with children aged 5-12 in a supervised environment
• Access to expertise in planning and delivery of programmed activities
• Learning new skill sets in group work
• Fun and exciting opportunities to work with a great grassroots local organisation
• Induction into the NRCG workplace
• Community engagement
• Becoming a registered volunteer through NSW Volunteering
• Opening up possibilities that lead to future student and volunteer placements with NRCG
• Provision of Certificate of Recognition of Engagement for CV
• Skills Sets Evaluation report through mentorship
• Possible casual employment at RRK Vacation Club sites during NSW public school holidays

Skills needed are:
• Knowledge & basic skill sets around chosen program delivery ideas (i.e., technology for coding; basics skills for art projects; sports skills for clinics, etc.)
• Interpersonal skills appropriate for children aged 5-12
• Effective communication skills – mobile & email access
• Own transport to school sites
• Commitment to project throughout the NSW public school term/s
• Reliability in preparation and attendance
• Ability to accept supervision and work within a team
• International Cultural Sharing: We welcome International students from SCU and would love them to share their traditions and cultural with the children.


Southern Cross University

Discovery Club @ Rainbow Region Kids needs students who have a passion for working with school-aged children and wish to become more involved in a voluntary capacity in a grassroots organisation. They must be mobile and available to come and share their enthusiasm, gifts and talents.


NRCG will be able to contribute:
• Resources, such as, tables, chairs, some sports equipment, kitchen facilities, art & craft materials; some facilities have stage areas for drama & dance, writing materials, (no musical instruments, digital media equipment or Lego robotics will be available and will need to be sourced elsewhere).
• Police checks and working with children checks
• Guided mentoring & supervision