Course Instructor (Learning and Development Internship)

The Ripper Group

Work closely with the Lead Instructor to gain insight on how course content is developed, prepared and delivered in a practical environment.

Working on this project you will make a difference in: Key Impact Area: Community and Cultural Development; & Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education (SDG 4).


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

99-101 Spencer Road

Requires face to face contact: Yes



• Preparing and delivering course content to students
• Observe lessons
• Set up of classroom before session
• Monitoring and recording the attendance of registered students
• Assist in answering student questions and inquiries
• Create a learning environment that encourages student involvement and participation
• Professionally communicate, consulting and co-operate with other team members and students


- A range of projects and tasks completed with benefits for the student and company
- Fulfillment from providing work experience for local students
- Creating a talent pipeline of people who have already worked in the business

Needs to be addressed

Completion of tasks and ongoing projects

Benefits to students

- Hands on practical experience
- Interns have local work experience and referees for their Resume
- Experience in a forward thinking and disruptive technology industry
- Projects completed, with benefits for the student and company
- Potential for ongoing work for interns


Southern Cross University

A reliable and trustworthy point of contact who can effectively promote the initiative to students in relevant degrees


Complete an internship and gain valuable experience from a knowledgeable mentor.