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Wonderbabes at The Quad

Lismore Quadrangle

Call out for students to be involved in the production of Wonderbabes as part of the activation of The Quad as Lismore's creative playground.


Availability: Completed

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Keen Street
New South Wales

Requires face to face contact: Yes



• To encourage and engage Southern Cross University students and or staff and other members of the Northern Rivers region to volunteer with The Quad and help activate Lismore's creative playground.
• Create community, sense of belonging and inclusion around arts and culture in the Northern Rivers region for Southern Cross University students, staff and the greater community of the Northern Rivers region .
• Develop and increase arts and culture knowledge for volunteers, arts audiences and visitors and the Northern Rivers Community.
• Increase The Quads placemaking program capacity to service visitors into the future and further develop the relationship between Southern Cross University students and staff.
• To develop a sense of belonging and community for volunteers around the cultural activities and events at The Quad.
• To encourage people of all abilities to participate in The Quad Volunteer Program.


• Development of a strong and consistent volunteer program that provides a steady group of volunteers for The Quad.
• To provide training opportunities for Southern Cross University students, staff and other members of the Northern rivers region community to develop greater placemaking awareness and learn more skills regarding the day to day running of an innovative community space.
• To create a sense of community around The Quad and between Quad partners and stakeholders.

Needs to be addressed

• Need for volunteers to support the activation of The Quad.
• Further development of a program that builds capacity and skills around the placemaking in the Lismore CBD.
• Developing greater connections and relationships between Southern Cross University students and staff, the community and The Quad stakeholders.
• Greater exposure of The Quad's program amongst the Northern Rivers community, and students and staff of Southern Cross University.

Benefits to students

• Southern Cross University students, staff and other members of the Northern Rivers region would gain experience in an innovative program to activate a greenaspace as Lismore's creative playground, such as:
o Further development of communication skills through engagement and interaction with a broad cross section of the Northern Rivers community.
o Development of placemaking knowledge through engagement with The Quads programs, as well as connections with stakeholders.


Southern Cross University

Volunteers, support recruiting volunteers to The Quad program.
• Students and or Staff who are willing to volunteer at The Quad
• Greater exposure of The Quad Program amongst students and staff of SCU.


Mentoring, training, creative program direction. We will provide the time and energy to share knowledge and train volunteers in their duties and as representatives of The Quad. We will provide extra training where possible to volunteers who would like to learn extra skills that will benefit the activation of The Quad.