Lismore City Council Placement - Developing Induction Workshops for Indoor and Outdoor Staff

Lismore City Council

Are you studying organisational management, and looking for real world experience in local government? Lismore City Council is looking for students to help develop induction workshops for indoor and outdoor staff. This project would suit students with research, and stakeholder management skills with knowledge of training, and risk assessment.


Availability: Approved

Time required: 15 hours per week

Duration: 4 weeks

43 Oliver Avenue

Requires face to face contact: No



This project would involve researching other councils existing induction and on boarding materials to develop a workshop that would:
• Convey essential WHS safety information to new council employees.
• Obtain acknowledgement of obligations and responsibilities and procedures from the new starter.
• Set up expectations of safety culture at the outset of employment.


Improved knowledge and understanding of procedures and responsibilities.

Needs to be addressed

• Compliance with law and statue
• Culture change
• Performance

Benefits to students

Application of knowledge and skill in public sector real world context with the support of Council staff.


Southern Cross University

Suitably skilled students for placement or project.
Skills include:
• Training and assessment
• Research
• Stakeholder management
• Risk Management


• Supervision
• Technology - office, desk, computer.