Help Build a Web-based Marketing Application

Heurist - the Brand Developers.

We need a software engineering, IT, or web-dev student to help us build a marketing web app. This app will automate the fundamentals of building a marketing strategy by collating and displaying data to the user. This opportunity suits IT students enrolled in ISY10221, ISY10222

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Education; Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education (SDG 4).


Availability: Approved

Time required: 20 hours per week

Duration: 10 weeks

Pearl Street

Requires face to face contact: Yes



The main aim of this project is to build an application that makes it easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses to market themselves more effectively without having to spend vast sums of money on contracting a marketing or brand development agency.


We are a marketing agency ourselves that is determined to challenge the status quo in the field of marketing.

We expect this app to be our first step in marrying the state-of-the art in machine learning and artificial intelligence with data science to create a better, cheaper way to market - particularly for early-stage start-ups that are highly financially constrained.

Needs to be addressed

Enables small businesses and start-ups to market themselves in a way that abides by their tight financial constraints.

Benefits to students

Students that partake in this project have the opportunity to potentially become a core member of our start-up team - we are committed to, and will achieve, big outcomes. They will also gain experience in utilising a wide range of skills, since they will need to handle a large set of tasks in their role.


Southern Cross University

A student that is willing to help us, and for them to be given enough project time to be able to adapt to our start-up environment.


We can provide a computer, a desk, and coffee.