The 13th Byron Bay International Film Festival - Audience Development

Byron Bay International Film Festival

BBFF provides an international platform for our region & the Screen/Innovative Practitioners who call it home. We are seeking student & SCU support to strengthen our Audience Development understanding & capacity - as a Public, Industry & Tourist event. Would suit students studying MKT00075, COM30001 and COM10628


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

5 Wattle Pl

Requires face to face contact: Yes



We are very open to the needs of your students and the aims of their key area of study.

The focus of this project as listed is on creating and delving into our Audience Statistics for the purposes of future marketing, building partnerships and in particular developing a funding argument for a specific Destination NSW fund, of which our festival is one of the few eligible to apply.

We seek too to uncover trends, successes and weaknesses within our Marketing and Media Campaign.


It is our intention that the project's outcomes strengthen the strategic planning for future years both in terms of Tourism and Marketing.

The key outcome would be a strong, succinct and effective report which clearly demonstrates the demographics and patterns of our audience.

We would need at least one student to read through the DNSW funding application and build survey questions for the October 2019 event. Ideally to develop the strategy and plan for information collection.

Others - or our Volunteers - to implement that plan. And then November onwards we need the survey results and ticket sale data to be assessed built into easy to understand reports which can be easily extracted for the purpose of the funding application.

Students working with us November onwards would also help us evaluate the reach and the effectiveness of our Media and Marketing campaign.

Needs to be addressed

In this instance we are looking to gain a stronger understanding of our Audience - in terms of tastes, patterns and tourism. This will empower us to make informed decisions across many areas of operations, programming and marketing.

Benefits to students

We intend to use the findings of this research to develop strategic marketing plans as well as to strengthen our application for very specific funding from Destination NSW.

Students would be able to actively state that besides working with us they liaised with Local, Regional and State Tourism Bodies.

We would give them the opportunity to create and implement a survey campaign and empower them to experiment with ideas.

A key student would receive invaluable one-on-one training in how to develop and create a successful funding application - as we will happily involve the right student in the entire process.

Access to the October Festival itself is another benefit.


Southern Cross University

We are hoping to find Tourism and/or Events Students who want to sink their teeth into unveiling a core understanding of our audience and shaping that to for the needs and requirements of our governmental tourism bodies.

In order to make this work with the timing of the festival there will be the need for flexibility - perhaps with finding a student or 2 to drive the project with their core focus in the November onwards period and developing the questions in the surveys in early October - but with more casual students helping roll out the information gathering at the actual event.

We need SCU's support in helping us to attract students to this Tourism Focused Project Opportunity - or simply helping us make your students aware that generally they are welcome upon our team as Interns, Volunteers or through specific projects like this.


We can bring the energy and expertise of some of existing and new team members including the support of 2 designers who can assist in the layout of surveys and reports.

We will complete the actual funding application and we have a history of creating solid and successful grant applications, should we find a student who wishes to 'go all the way' with this project we will involve them in the process and share our knowledge in this field.

Lunch is always provided on any office day in our Bangalow office, and meals and more are provided at the festival itself.