The Great Quad Picnic 2019 | Create an event for 'Eat The Street' logo

The Great Quad Picnic 2019 | Create an event for 'Eat The Street'

Lismore Quadrangle

The Quad is interested in working with Gastronomy and Food Tourism students to create a unique new food event in the Quad as an extension of Eat The Street 2019.


Availability: Underway

Time required: 7 hours per week

Duration: 17 weeks

110 Magellan Street
New South Wales

Requires face to face contact: Yes

Related unit codes: MNG03419



• To curate and design a signature new food event aimed at families and high end suppliers.
• Capitalise on the open green space of the Quad to offer a new experience for the community to engage with Eat the Street.
• Create a high end offering of events such as wine tasting, food talks, bush food and indigenous experiences, and kids programming in the Quad.


Students to design their own event concept which could include:

• Curating food suppliers on the 'picnic' theme
• Food event styling and programming
• A media and communications plan for the new event
• A food talks program
• Kids food activities.

Students could then also opt to be involved in the delivery and event management should they wish.

Needs to be addressed

• Engaging students skilled in the areas of food tourism and gastronomy to design a new event for the community
• Capacity building for students within the event and food sector
• Collaborative programming outcomes between The Quad and SCU partnership.

Benefits to students

• Creating career pathways
• Networking opportunities
• The opportunity to design an event in a supported environment with an event team and budget supplied.


Southern Cross University

Students to engage with the project.


Support from the Placemaking Officer in the following areas:
• Development and delivery of concept
• Budgeting process
• Event management.