Digital Marketing Internship

The Retirement Advice Centre

The purpose of this internship is to assist the Company Principal and Digital Marketing Manager with the launch and promotion of innovative new services and educational platform for tertiary educated professionals who are in pre-retirement. This opportunity would suit students enrolled in MKT00075, SOY10114 and MNG73005.

Working on this project you will make a difference in: Key Impact Area: Education; & Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education (SDG 4)


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

Suite 74A, 15 Victoria Avenue

Requires face to face contact: No

Related unit codes: MKT00075, SOY10114 MNG73005



- To undertake digital marketing campaigns and projects, support the launch of innovative new products, and help the business to achieve its goals.
- Copy writing for blogs, website, and other promotional materials
- Word press website content creation, creating appropriate layout from template
- SEO, AdWords, etc for Word Press websites & blogs
- Develop and implement new social media campaigns from the ground up, in consultation with business owner
- Create a social media calendar and content gallery
- Identify potential third-party sites and develop strategies to get Smart Retirement’s content on these sites and promoted by them.
- Monitor social channels for trending news, ideas and memes, then capitalise on those trends through Smart Retirement’s social media accounts, including responding to comments/online discussions about Smart Retirement’s content or products.
- Assist with capturing and analysing marketing metrics, including ROI of campaigns with suggestions for improvements and efficiencies
- Assist in production of videos, images and multi-media content
- Research potential clients such as sporting groups & community groups with memberships in the 50-70 age group and create a marketing data base
- Analyse and
- Undertake marketing projects, in consultation with management, to launch new products and promote sales growth. This includes marketing strategies/campaigns, finding efficiencies in sales/marketing processes, and projects suggested by the intern or to meet university assessment requirements.
- Assist in other tasks as required


- A range of projects and tasks completed with benefits for the student and company
- Fulfillment from providing work experience for local students
- Creating a talent pipeline of people who have already worked in the business

Needs to be addressed

Completion of tasks and ongoing projects (cost and time savings)

Benefits to students

- Gain valuable practical experience in Digital Media
- Interns will have local work experience & referees for their CV
- Smart Retirement has systems in place to train graduates and support them, with other benefits for both interns and the company.
- The internship may lead to paid casual, part-time or full-time work.


Southern Cross University

A reliable and trustworthy point of contact who can effectively promote the initiative to students in relevant degrees


Complete an internship and gain valuable experience from a knowledgeable mentor.