Internship at Whitehead Crowther Lawyers

Whitehead Crowther Lawyers

We are looking for law students to assist in our busy practice. Students would assist in running files from start to finish and learning how to be a lawyer. This project would suit students studying law


Availability: Underway

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: 12 weeks


Requires face to face contact: Yes



We aim to educate interested students in litigation, how the conveyancing process works and have an understanding how to successfully prioritise their tasks to meet deadlines and manage risk.

We also aim to give students a taste for legal practice in conveyancing and litigation.


By the end of the project, students are expected to understand the basic concepts of a conveyancing contract, the stages of disposing of property, be able to keep track of critical dates, be exposed to litigation across a number areas of law.

Needs to be addressed

Law students need real world experience before they graduate because the workplace is so competitive for first and second year graduates. Students need to understand the basics skills to be a lawyer so that they can apply that to any law job they gain. The basic skills are deadline management, understanding the legal landscape and advising a client properly ahead of time. If students can demonstrate that they have these skills they'll have a much better chance of getting a job in law and being successful at it.

Benefits to students

Law students usually find it hard to gain real world experience and gain skills that employers can immediately put to work once they get their first job. This project will make the participating students more employable upon graduation.


Southern Cross University

We need to access your pool of students, your help in promoting this opportunity and your help to have a short-list of candidates.


We provide the teaching, the supervision and the learning environment.