Growing the Kiddies Patch

The Family Centre

Develop an engaging craft delivery program to bring low cost, no cost nature and recycled based craft activities to families at a local farmers market. This project would suit student volunteers studying social welfare, or early childhood education.

Working on this project you will make a difference in Key Impact Area: Environment; Sustainable Development Goal: Good Heath and Well-being (SDG 3).


Availability: Approved

Time required: 10 hours per week

Duration: 7 weeks

1/14 Amber rd
Tweed Heads

Requires face to face contact: No



Crafts and delivery aimed to connect families to community, early childhood development and services in line with Targeted Early Intervention reforms. Researching and trialing activities with children 1-6 and their families, compiling an activities resource bank and "kit".


Aiming for an outcome where the project may be continued by parent leaders and community champions. Focus on community development and creating a sustainable and self deliverable model for communities at other farmers market or similar locations or events.

Needs to be addressed

providing sustainable and community led engagement for young children and their families. Encouraging healthy relationship building habits at an early age, connection to community, healthy eating and awareness of sustainable food practices. Supporting local communities to build space for connection for families

Benefits to students

Developing extensive knowledge and experience in community capacity building. developing a project where results can be directly experienced by seeing it in action


Southern Cross University

one or two students with enthusiasm


office space, supervision and guidance. Orientation and induction to working in a community Service organisation. Already existing resources to deliver the project and strong partnerships with farmers market and community