Poster Design for Arts Northern Rivers "Your Big Idea" Pitch Competition

Arts Northern Rivers

Arts Northern Rivers is looking for a poster design for the annual "Your Big Idea" pitch competition. "Your Big Idea" invites creatives from across the Northern Rivers to submit bold, innovative and savvy project ideas for a chance to win a tailored development package with arts Northern Rivers. Suits students studying art and design.


Availability: Approved

Time required: Not yet defined

Duration: Not yet defined

11 Rural Street

Requires face to face contact: Yes



Arts Northern Rivers is looking for a poster design for the annual "Your Big Idea" pitch competition.

Design brief:
Arts Northern Rivers wants to hear YOUR BIG IDEA. We are calling for ambitious arts projects that local creatives would like to make happen in the Northern Rivers. The proposed project ideas will be groundbreaking and have the ability to grab the attention of a local, national and international audience. No idea is too big.

Applications will outline the big idea, focusing on how the project will bring audiences and artists together for a new art experience unlike any other. The concept must be original, ambitious, and at the cutting edge within either the visual art, performance, theatre, live art, music, sound, dance or digital practice.

The winning project will work closely with the Arts Northern Rivers Team , gaining unprecedented access to industry networks, experts and know how across various sectors to hone the project and develop a submission-ready funding application.


We expect to:
Shine a spotlight on the creative talent of the region
Uncover truly innovative and fresh project concepts
Attract other project partners to help realise the winning proposal
Attract funding from various sources to realise the project

Needs to be addressed

Addresses the needs of artists / creatives in the region who:
Are unsure of how to realise their project
Lack experience in navigating funding applications
Are 'stuck' in the conceptual phase of their project and need guidance and support to take it into the developmental stages

Benefits to students

Contributing to a highly creative / unique project for the region
Contribute to the visual branding of the project
Gaining insights into the design and delivery of a creative project that is marketed to the entire Northern Rivers region


Southern Cross University

SCU Students with a keen interest in the arts and cultural landscape of the region


Information / Feed back
A full brief
Access to collateral produced for past projects