Group61 Area Coordinators

Group61-Wesley Mission

Group61 is a volunteer mental health social inclusion program. Area Coordinators are responsible for supporting specific regions on the Gold Coast. We are currently seeking 2 Area Coordinators for South Gold Coast regions (requires 12 month commitment). This opportunity suits students enrolled in SOY10105, SOY10114, HLT10595 and COM30001


Availability: Approved

Time required: 5 hours per week

Duration: 50 weeks

Gold Coast

Requires face to face contact: Yes



Group61 matches someone with a lived experience of mental illness (called a 'friend') to a volunteer to develop a friendship and attend weekly outings to reduce social isolation.

The Volunteer Area Coordinator supports both the Volunteers and Friends in their region by:

• Registering Friends for the program
• Coordinating matching between Friends and Volunteers
• Supporting friendships
• Completing monthly reports
• Attending monthly Area Coordinator meetings
• General networking within their community
• Host bi-monthly volunteer catch ups

Area Coordinators require:

• Leadership skills
• Excellent time management
• Communication skills
• Computer skills with email, excel and word documents
• Empathy
• Patience
• Understanding
• Good understanding and willingness to learn about mental health
• Able to travel within your region to meet with friends and volunteers

The role is roughly 20 hours per month.

You may be asked to support parts of the volunteer recruitment process.


Group61 aims to:

• Enhance quality of life through friendship.
• Build and strengthen the friend's life skills and self confidence.
• Build and strengthen the friend's social community connections.
• Raise awareness of mental health within the wider community.

Needs to be addressed

Group61 addresses a variety of needs of mental health within the community, such as:

• Social Inclusion
• Belonging
• Connections to the community
• Enhancement in quality of life
• Equality and respect
• Reduction of stigma with mental health.

Skills required of project members
• Leadership skills
• Excellent time management
• Communication skills
• Computer skills with email, excel and word documents
• Empathy

Benefits to students

Students will gain through:

• Working as a team with other Area Coordinators
• Exposure and understanding of the impacts of mental health and isolation in the local community
• Building your network with other organisations
• Strengthening your leadership and administrative skills
• Supporting friendships to grow and develop and work within the boundaries of the program and the personal boundaries of people in the program
• Enhancing communication skills, particularly around strength and person focused communication with the Friends
• Working in the framework of a recovery model

Other roles are available in Group61, such as Social Event Coordinators and volunteers who are matched up with friends.


Southern Cross University

Assistance in promoting the program to recruit volunteers and referrals to the program.
To inform other organisations about Group61 and what it offers the community.


Brochures, posters, flyers
Face to face contact with participants
Mandatory Training
On going support for those involved in the program
Deliver Information Sessions on Campus to people interested in volunteering